Yoga For Your Pelvic Floor

This workshop covers information on an area that is rarely discussed, but everyone deserves to understand.

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December's studio social! Join us for fun and laughter after our last class on Thursday December 7th. Everyone is invited!!

This fun event happens the first three Thursday nights of every month at 7PM. 

Flatbread is $5  

Drinks are $3.50-$7.00

Instead of our “sack lunch social” please join us at the Muni to support our yoga tribe sister, Elissa GoldbergBelle(she is in the show)

DATE:Thursday June 8th

TIME: show begins at 8:30–I will head there from the studio at 6:45-“7 ish”

Bring your picnic basket, lawn chair & blanket and let’s have fun together.

I will be leaving from the studio. If anyone wants to hop in my car with me I have room for 6. Let me know if you’ll be in my car so I don’t overbook.

The studio has not purchased advanced tickets please arrange your best ticket options.

The Muni's web site link: 

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