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Wednesday July 20th & 29th at 12:00 noon🐶🐾

Yoga Classes


Simple self treatment method that teaches you to use a variety of grippy, pliable, portable, affordable balls to eradicate your aches & pains and reform your body from the inside out. This method helps you to identify your body blind spots: areas of your body that are catalysts for pain & injury. These areas are overused, underused, misused, abused, or totally confused and need to be felt, seen & heard by you. What you don’t see inside you body can & will hurt you unless you skillfully integrate your blind spots into your global movement patterns. One of the greatest causes of aches, pains & degeneration is lack of total body awareness & this method awakens your inner GPS. The greatest degree of healing happens when you administer doses of self care aiding in prevention of illness and injury. This healing happens when the superficial & deep fascia get “fluffed”(decompressing adhesions) increasing the slide, glide & mobility.

Students must have their own or purchase tune up balls from our studio. This class is offer 2 times a month. Check our schedule to reserve your spot.


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