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Spandana the Sacred Tremor

We will explore the movement of Spandana throughout the body and the effects of this practice on the brain and nervous system. This is an unlearning of the doing and a unique way to explore movement and meditation. This course is suitable for teachers and students alike. You will learn how to awaken this pulsing energy within the body. There will be an opportunity after practice to share physical, emotional or mental experience of this practice.

Spanda is a Sanskrit word derived from the root, spadi, which means “to move a little." Usually translated to mean Movement, Motion, Subtle Pulse, Sacred Tremor of the Heart or Vibration. Spanda refers to the subtle creative pulse of the universe as it manifests in our living form. Spandana restores your ability to naturally center in the heart and regain the joy of life. In essence, Spandana energy awakens us to a state of wonderment and subtle delight through this Sacred Tremor of the Heart. When we sense this pulsation inside us, we are sensing our own personal spark of that huge, primordial life force. It is the energy behind the breath, the heartbeat, and the movement of our thoughts and feelings. It is also the source of all our inner experiences. When we get deep into ourselves, we realize that this throb, this subtle pulsation, is actually ‘meditating’ us.

Bring a yoga mat and Blanket for this practice.

1 Yoga Alliance CE hour available for this class.

This class is offered during the holidays. Check our schedule to see dates & times.

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