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Yoga For Your Pelvic Floor

This workshop covers information on an area that is rarely discussed, but everyone deserves to understand. There is so much more to know than just kegels for an area that governs so many important and intimate tasks like sexual and bowel/bladder function, child-bearing, and is quite literally in the center of our bodies. 

Your teacher, Olivia Rousseau, is a working Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a yoga teacher of 12 years. This topic is her passion! 

Pregnant individuals are absolutely welcome. 

This workshop will be half yoga & half lecture/discussion & includes: 

Pelvic floor musculature and anatomy. 

Discussion on symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. Breathing for pelvic floor, discussion of bandha theory. Yoga for pelvic floor opening Poses that help engage, strengthen, and support the Pelvic Floor 

You will get: Link to recording of workshop 

PDF guide of stretches and strengtheners--must be able to get up and down from the floor 

YA CE available 

5 student minimum to hold class

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